EAS Advertising Panels: Small Cost, High Return On Investment

There is a lot of debate and fear around whether or not customers would be scared off by visible security pedestals on shop entrance and exit areas.

For most shoppers, this is not even a concern. They are either indifferent or in favor of it because it makes them feel safer. Only some feel discomfort or embarrassment when, for example, the alarm goes if someone walks through.

Whatever the case might be, there is one way other than using concealed systems, to make everyone happy: advertising panels.

Advertising panels are thin, but sturdy plastic covers that clip into your electronic article surveillance (EAS) system. It is important to be sure you are using panels made for your EAS system; otherwise you might block the sensors or visitor counting!

These panels can be utilized in a variety of ways:

Promote Your Own In-Store Marketing Campaigns. Of course, the most obvious is to support your internal marketing campaigns. If you are a large retailer, that is currently running a back to school sale, make sure you tell your customers about it!

Generate Extra Revenue By Running External Promotions. You can even generate some additional revenue by letting vendors whose products you sell in your store advertise on the advertising panels. They will love the exposure in your high traffic exit and entrance areas!

Attract passerby Into Your Stores. Speaking of high-traffic areas: Advertising panels carrying enticing promotions will attract passing shoppers to enter your store and have a look around! This is an excellent way to get new visitors into your store or shoppers who did not intend to come by today.

Change in Ad Panel Makes Your EAS System Seem Newer Too. As much as an advertising panel makes passersby come into your store, it also gets the attention of potential shoplifters. The seemingly new pedestals become a visible deterrent and have a possible effect on your decrease of shrinkage.

Protecting Your Equipment. Of course, every retailer is concerned about the safety of its shoppers and employees. Advertising panels will help you prevent your littlest shoppers from climbing on the gates and potentially hurting themselves.

Blend Your EAS System Into Your Store Decor. Last, but not least, your advertising panels don’t even have to have any promotional content on them. You can also use them as a design element and integrate your security gates into your store design.


The bottom line is: Advertising panels can provide you with a high return on investment at a small cost; helping you to promote your products and store, protect your equipment and much more.