Partner Spotlight: S-Tron

Partner Spotlight: S-TRON Security Electronics

We are pleased to feature S-TRON Security Electronics, a physical security integrator for national and regional retailers with over 2,000 installation locations, headquartered in Plainview, New York. S-TRON is a proud partner of Nedap Retail-Americas.

S-TRON’s dynamic security solutions include:

  • Access Control – Custom, scalable systems to control entrance, egress and critical areas.
  • Video Surveillance – Video beyond surveillance, S-TRON can implement a redundant video surveillance solution across all of your retail storefronts to aid in reducing shrink.
  • Intrusion Detection – Active deterrence systems that provide the highest levels of security.
  • Business Intelligence – Go beyond just security! Improve efficiencies, increase marketing intelligence, and provide operations with invaluable customer and staffing data all at the store level.

S-TRON provides outstanding service for national retailers, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Retail Store Security Solutions:

S-TRON specializes in retail loss prevention and commercial retail security systems, staying current on new trends and challenges in this vertical market, so we can address your specialized needs with individualized solutions.

Grocery Store Security Solutions:

The grocery store market is extremely competitive and margins are slim. The high cost of doing business, coupled with vendor theft, shoplifting, and employee indiscretions can make or break the grocery store operator. Both Nedap Retail and S-TRON have become premier solutions providers to protect assets and enhance profits in the grocery arena.

Restaurant Security Solutions:

Aside from their partnership with Nedap Retail, S-TRON understands the needs of the hospitality and restaurant market, and delivers solutions that reduce losses and help maintain safe working environments.

Though S-TRON has a national reach, they pride themselves on local service. To see what makes S-TRON Security solutions different, visit:

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About Nedap Retail

Nedap’s retail loss prevention products include electronic article surveillanceRF EAS systemsRFID EAS systemsCustomer Counting and Retail Store Access Control systems.  Nedap’s retail solutions are based on intelligent identification and registration of people, animals and objects, or on innovative, ‘green’ electronic controls and power supplies. Innovation is driven by clients’ operations: systems are developed and adapted to optimize clients’ production and information processes.

Nedap brings 40 years of global experience, market expertise and close cooperation with leading retailers. Everything Nedap Retail does is driven by their mission to make it simple for retailers to always have the right products available. To achieve this, Nedap Retail offers industry-leading solutions for their customers’ diverse needs in loss prevention and stock management. For more information, visit Nedap Retail’s website: