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Customer Experience is Mobile Payment

The recent news of Macy’s rolling out a mobile POS checkout solution to the majority of its stores, simply underscores the certainty that mobile payment isn’t a luxury for customers anymore, but a necessity for competing in today’s environment. This week Europe’s first checkout-free consumer electronics store was opened by MediaMarktSaturn, while Decathlon opened their […]

Mobile Shrink: The Newest LP Challenge

Just when Loss Prevention (LP) professionals thought they’ve identified every point-of-loss to battle, technology has introduced mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) to the world of retail. This has caused some LP professionals to scramble a bit to create stopgaps until they can wrap their arms around this relatively new method of retail operation. Those who have had […]

Sweethearting: A Sour Pill To Swallow For Retailers

The National Retail Foundation recently released its 2014 National Retail Security Survey, which estimates that retailers lost about $44 billion in potential revenue due to shrinkage last year. While shoplifting and organized crime contributed the bulk of the losses, it is closely followed by employee theft at 34.5%. The most common type of employee theft is a […]

4 Reasons Why Customer Counting Should Be Part Of Your Loss Prevention Solution

Customer counting or visitor management are usually not the first words that come to mind when thinking about loss prevention. However, customer counting is a powerful tool for keeping costs down and clients coming back while reducing losses at the same time. Insights into your peak times and customer numbers allow you to understand better and cater to their needs, […]

10 Creative Ways To Leverage Your Retail Analytics Insights

Retail management is becoming increasingly complex and time consuming. Retailers have to prioritize the needs of a large number of stores. With Nedap’s Retail Analytics, retailers can permanently reduce losses, optimize stock levels and increase the performance of individual stores by giving detailed insight into the behavior of their staff members, customers and loss prevention […]