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The Evolution of “Saving the Sale” and What It Means Today | Part 3 of 3

So far in this three-part series on how to “Save the Sale”, I have covered: How ‘Save the Sale’ Means Real-Time Access to Inventory Levels How Failing to ‘Save the Sale’ Increases Inventory Shrinkage How Merchandise Simply Available is ‘Saving the Sale’ How to ‘Save the Sale’ with Seamless Mobile Checkouts How to Use In-Store […]

The Evolution of “Saving the Sale” and What It Means Today | Part 2 of 3

I recently started a series on the evolution of the phrase “Save the Sale” and what it means today.  Part One discussed the definition of “saving the sale” and how not saving the sale impacts inventory and shrink.  Part two discusses the importance of having merchandise available and how mobile payment is becoming the standard […]

The Evolution of “Saving the Sale” and What It Means Today | Part 1 of 3

Reflecting upon recent conversations I’ve had with Loss Prevention (LP) leaders, I have noticed an interesting shift in the way inventory shortage, or shrinkage, is being talked about. Over the many years I have been in the retail loss prevention industry, I have seen the focus of loss prevention leaders volley from one thing to […]

The Consumer Push for Mobile Pay Checkouts

“What’s a Cashier?” Checkouts haven’t changed since the beginning of retail. Sure, there are different models of the checkout, such as customer-unload designs, cashier unload designs, and even self-checkouts. But all of these types of checkouts have one thing in common: Cashiers. With the Mobile revolution and the continued development of RFID technology, checkouts as […]

Retail’s Pursuit of Product Knowledge

The Problem Ask any retail executive to list their top 5 pet peeves, and a lack of product knowledge within their employee base will undoubtedly make the list. Employees with little product knowledge is one of the most sales-reducing dilemmas in all of retail. According to research, retail sales associates with strong product knowledge sell 87 […]

RFID: The Last Piece to the Omnichannel Puzzle

Retailers who develop omnichannel strategies are committed to providing true continuity of their brands, products, and shopping experiences for their customers. So while they are ensuring that their company Facebook page reflects the design of the website, which matches up with their customer’s in-store visits, they are also making sure customers engage in rewarding buying […]

RFID for Retailers: Either Lead or Be Led

The retail industry is ever-changing. New technology and innovation re-focuses and alters the marketplace at every turn. Retailers must stay ahead of the curve to attract new customers, retain the loyalty of existing customers, and streamline operations to sustain profits. Adopting RFID is a win-win strategy that allows today’s retailers to forge ahead in this ever-changing landscape […]

Need ROI on Your EAS System? Focus on Refund Fraud

Electronic Article surveillance (EAS) has been around for quite some time and is still considered one of the leading Loss Prevention tools in reducing shoplifting. Those Loss Prevention professionals who have had the opportunity to interview amateur shoplifters or professional boosters were told many times over that they would rather steal merchandise from a non-EAS retailer […]

How To Speak CFO

CFOs are analytical, data driven people who are typically looking for attributable, predictable, and efficient ways to add to the bottom line.  It may appear to be impossible to find common ground with a cost-cutting, control-spending professional.  Quite the contrary, LP executives have more common ground with these data driven powerhouses than many might think.  […]